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The workplan is organised in seven research work packages and two administrative work packages:

 WP 3: Flash Geometry Processing

The main work to be carried out in this work package is to develop the basic geometry processing component of the entire Harvest4D framework. We decompose the work in three tasks addressing the problem at 3 different scales: operators, techniques and implementation. All modules will be inserted in the Harvest4D Foundation Library and made accessible to other work packages.

 WP 4: Integration of Modalities

In this WP, we will discover an initial structure in the streams of incoming data from incidental capture by means of spatial and temporal registration, as well as to determine the reliability and novelty of the incoming data by means of quality assessment and change detection.

 WP 5: Multi-Scale Scene Processing

Developing a methodology and algorithms to enable correct and mathematically well-founded processing of the multi-resolution data (including geometry, texture, reflectance) from multiresolution input to intermediate representations to final output.

 WP 6: Detecting Changes

Development of new algorithms that can be used to integrate the registered multimodal data into the Harvest4D system by removing inter-device differences, reconstructing dense geometry, and detect changes both in appearance and geometry over time.

 WP 7: Reflectance Reconstruction

The goal of this work package is the development of novel techniques to separate illumination and reflectance taking into account shadows, reflections and camera characteristics. The latter is necessary to combine several measurements obtained under different illumination and capture conditions.

WP 8: Visual Interaction Paradigms

Design new visualization methodologies able to browse efficiently large datasets composed of different media and encompassing time changes, as well as provide more intuitive methods to drive navigation and data presentation, on both standard as well as touch-based presentation platforms.

WP 9: Integration and Evaluation

The objective of this WP is to ensure a continuous progress towards an integrated prototype, so that at the end of the project we can demonstrate a coherent block of work that contributes to a common proof-of-concept, thereby avoiding fragmentation.

Administrative work packages

WP 1: Management

Administrative, financial and communication tasks.

WP 2: Dissemination and Exploitation

The aim is to plan and execute the targeted dissemination strategy and exploitation activity, including the internal and external websites, mailing lists and other communication tools.