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The final prototype described in deliverable D9.5 is composed of a set of selected components that exchange and visualize intermediate data using the common data interfaces and formats, depicted by the schematics below.

Data Processing Prototype Schematic Visualization Prototype Schematic
graph visgraph

The involved components are subdivided into two categories: (1) the components involved in data processing, and (2) the components for the visualization of the intermediate and final data. For a detailed description of the functionality and usage of the software belonging to the final prototype, please refer to the Final Integrated Prototype Documentation [PDF].

Data Processing Components of Final Prototype

Change Detection: Detection of Geometric Temporal Changes in Point Clouds
The prototype allows the detection of the geometric differences between two point clouds or two meshes of the same environment acquired in different times.
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Color DAG: Geometry and Material Compression in High-resolution Voxelized Scenes
This prototype provides a tool for voxelizing triangle meshes as well as directly loading voxel scenes and subsequently compressing them using an SVO-based compression scheme.
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MVE: Multi-View Environment
The Structure-from-Motion Environment compatible with the FSSR tool.
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FSSR: Floating Scale Surface Reconstruction
The Scale-Aware Surface Reconstruction Tool, integrated in the Multi-View Environment.
[Part of the MVE package listed above]
SLF reconstruction: Surface Light Field from Video Acquired in Uncontrolled Settings
This prototype allows the computation of the Surface Light Field starting from a set of photos and a dense triangular mesh.
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Flash Simplification: Morton Integrals for High Speed Geometry Simplification
HSGS is a high performance geometry simplification technology that allows reducing the size of 3D models made of millions of polygons/points in a few milliseconds.
Point-Cloud Compression
This prototype addresses the fast compression of point-cloud data including both geometry information and color information.
[Available on Request]

Visualization Components of Final Prototype

Chroma Viewer: ChromoStereoscopic Rendering for Trichromatic Displays
This prototype showcases the effect of improved depth perception based on the chromostereopsis phenomenon.
> Binaries
3D-Hop: Fast decompression for web-based view-dependent 3D rendering
3D Heritage Online Presenter is a collection of tools and templates for the creation of multimedia interactive Web presentations of digital 3D models.
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Ultimate MVE – A Multi-View Reconstruction Environment
A Graphical User Interface for the Multi-View Environment.
[Part of the MVE package listed above]
Potree: High-Quality Point Based Rendering Using Fast Single Pass Interpolation
Potree is a remote visualization tool that focuses purely on point clouds (meshes are not supported) and runs on all recent browsers.> Website

Other Software

In addition to the components of the final prototype, several other prototypes have been developed in individual work packages. Those that are publically available are listed in the following:

Accurate Isosurface Interpolation with Hermite Data
The code provides an implementation of Marching-Cubes isosurface extraction, supporting the use of Hermite Data.
[Part of the MVE package listed above]
CLOP: Continuous Projection for Fast L1 Reconstruction
Fast L1 Resampling of noisy point data based on a probabilistic Gaussian mixture model.
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Curve Reconstruction with Many Fewer Samples
A simple algorithm to reconstruct smooth curves from samples in a plane.
> Repository
Efficient Collision Detection While Rendering Dynamic Point Clouds
A prototype demonstrating in-situ collision detection of huge and dynamic point clouds at render time.
> Binaries 
Fast Automatic Alignment of Large Sets of Range Maps
This prototype allows aligning a set of unordered range scans of an object in a fully automated way.
> Binaries and Source 
Piecewise Rigid Scene Flow
Estimates the 3D scene flow from stereo images recorded at multiple time instances.
> Repository
Point Morphology
Performs morphological operations on 3D geometry, allowing for morphological filtering and medial surface extraction of 3D models.
[Available on Request]
Real-time Canonical-angle Views in 3D Virtual Cities
Demonstrating canonical-angle views in a virtual city environment.
> Binaries 
SimSelect: similarity-based selection for 3D surfaces
An interactive graphics application to perform advanced selections on 3D meshes.
> Website
Sphere-Meshes: Shape Approximation using Spherical Quadric Error Metrics
This  prototype is comprised of an interactive modeling tool that allows loading 3D models, and quickly approximating them using the Sphere – Meshes method.
> Website