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Best paper Award “Shape Modeling International 2016” (Computers & Graphics Journal Vol. 58, August 2016 )

“Multi-Material Adaptive Volume Remesher” Noura Faraj, Jean-marc Thiery and Tamy Boubekeur – Telecom ParisTech – We propose a practical iterative remeshing algorithm for multi-material tetrahedral meshes which is solely based on simple local topological operations, such as edge collapse, flip, split and vertex smoothing. To do so, we exploit an intermediate implicit feature complex which reconstructs piecewise smooth multi-material boundaries made of surface patches, feature edges and corner vertices. Futhermore, we design specific feature-aware local remeshing rules which, combined with a moving least square projection, result
in high quality isotropic meshes representing the input mesh at a user defined resolution while preserving important features. Our algorithm uses only topology-aware local operations, which allows to process diffcult input meshes such as self-intersecting ones. We evaluate our approach on a collection of examples and experimentally show that it is fast and scales well. PDF VIDEO