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EC Research & innovation blog: From mobile phone photo to virtual reality

MW1 Completely ordinary photos are being transformed into clean, high-resolution 3D worlds thanks to algorithms from the Harvest4D consortium.
As our Harvest4D EU project is drawing to an end, it is time to reflect on what we have achieved in the past 3 years. Generally, it is no longer unusual for computers to display our world in three dimensions. 3D scanners can scan faces, buildings or entire landscapes, and the data can be used to generate 3D models. In most cases though, this process is very complex. In the ‘Harvest4D’ research project, we have developed algorithms that can be used to generate these three-dimensional worlds much more easily, using existing image data not necessarily collected for this purpose. Even the development of these worlds over time can be studied on the computer in this way. This type of software solution can be applied to a range of different fields, from archaeology to flood research. Blog