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“Geometry and Attribute Compression for Voxel Scenes” to appear in Eurographics 2016

“Geometry and Attribute Compression for Voxel Scenes” Bas Dado, Timothy Kol, Pablo Bauszat, Jean-Marc Thiery, Elmar Eisemann – Delft University of Technology – to appear in Eurographics 2016, Volume 35 (2016), Number 2
Voxel-based approaches are today’s standard to encode volume data. Recently, directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) were successfully used for compressing sparse voxel scenes as well, but they are restricted to a single bit of (geometry) information per voxel. We present a method to compress arbitrary data, such as colors, normals, or reflectance information. By decoupling geometry and voxel data via a novel mapping scheme, we are able to apply the DAG principle to encode the topology, while using a palette-based compression for the voxel attributes, leading to a drastic memory reduction. Our method outperforms existing state-of-the-art techniques and is well-suited for GPU architectures. We achieve real-time performance on commodity hardware for colored scenes with up to 17 hierarchical levels (a 128K3 voxel resolution), which are stored fully in core. PDF